Wednesday, September 25

'Party Planner Extraordinaire'?? Hmm...

My Maternity leave began with a ‘Mini Baby Shower ’ for which I made cute goodie bags, organised silly games and made way too many cakes. I had been working away so I missed spending my birthday with some of my friends a month before so I decided to have this as my ‘last hurrah’. I call it a ‘Mini Baby Shower’ because there were only six of us in my living room, however we did still have a lovely afternoon.

This started a bit of a trend and after my best friend Sabrina found out she was pregnant for the second time, I offered to organise a (purple, butterfly themed) Shower for her.
It was a bigger affair than mine with 15 invited, the side bar at The White Horse, Leamington Spa, booked and the last three months of my life spent planning, sewing and pinning recipes (in between nappy changes!)

After all that graft, Sabrina’s Baby Shower was a great occasion, we had an awesome afternoon and everyone went home with lots of goodies, especially the guest of honour!

 Washi bunting- easiest decoration to make in the world and Felt butterfly garlands dressed up the room with purple chrysanthemums in espresso cups adding an extra touch to the tables.

 I made a ‘Diaper Cake’ for Sabrina with sat on her very full gift table!

Above are just some of the yummy treats we munched on: Vanilla Cupcakes; Sugared Almonds; Dandelion & Burdock sweets; Coconut and Raspberry M&Ms; and Chocolate 'embellished' Cheesecake.
Mini 'Postbox' for a prize draw- We all wrote our addresses on stamped envelopes and slipped them in the box, a winner was drawn at the end. Now all Sabrina has to do is write some Thank You cards and they are all ready to post for real! Makes things nice & easy for the Mom-to-be!

Instead of a guestbook, we all hung handwritten good luck messages (on butterfly tags) on this plastic tree from Hobbycraft. It’s now my tree and I now have to try and find as many uses for it as possible!
My first tiered cake which turned out okay. It was a bit ‘gappy’ between tiers (although this helped with transportation...) and my fondant wasn't perfectly but underneath was chocolatey goodness so as it was my first attempt I feel I should be forgiven.
Everyone wasted no time tucking in!
We played some games, one of which was ‘Coins in a Cup’. You place some coins between your thighs and walk a short distance then try and drop as many coins as possible into a cup on the floor. It was a catalyst for some rather amusing displays and some questionable photos!

Quick Lowdown:
We drank: Prosecco
We ate: Purple and White sweets, Cheesecake (Sabrina’s favourite), a selection of Cupcakes and my flowery Tiered Chocolate Cake.
We did: a quiz about Sabrina, a prize draw and a weight sweep-stake for the impending arrival (yet to be won). We played 'Scattergories' and ‘Coins in a Cup’
We took home: a homemade Goodie bag filled with treats.

All in all the first real party I've organised was a success!

Check out the ‘sequel’ to this post for a look in the Goodie bags....

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