Monday, September 23

So I have a Blog now...Who knew?!

I can't say that I'm a domestic goddess...
I have to admit practical domesticity eludes me (Not ideal considering I've just become a parent). My idea of mopping is wetting the floor, making beds is an alien concept and the washing machine is outside my area of technical expertise. However I can behave like a 1950’s housewife when it comes to making ‘Pretty Things ’. Sew someone a present? No problem. Make a last minute birthday card? Sure thing. Whip up a batch of delightful cupcakes for no reason at all? Why the badger not?! My head is constantly whirring and with things I want to create and the only thing that’s bigger than my Pinterest board is my felt collection.
So I’ve created this blog as a way to share what I make and what I’m up to. Who knows if it will be read by anyone but me, if not I’m sure that writing it will prove a rather therapeutic experience. If anything, it might help with the whirring...

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