Sunday, October 20

'Felty Fingers'

I have neglected this blog for a few weeks...a little because of some horrible medical dramas, mostly because it's October. October means it's nearly Christmas. This is busy for me for two reasons- Firstly, I make a load of my loved ones Christmas presents and cards and have done for a few years now. Secondly, this year my friend Tabs (Check out her Blog here) and I have decided to join forces and sell some of our homemade stuff at a local Christmas Craft Fair. So for the last month I have been stitching piles of Felt brooches, Christmas Tree decorations, pretty pairs of Lavender sachets...with plans for lots more Christmassy bits and bobs. I'm a little nervous about how it will go, if I'll sell anything, etc but at least with the amount of tree decorations I've made I'll find another use for 'My Tree'.

Speaking of that, it recently got another outing when it was spontaneously used to dry baby socks...
My Tree- Use No.2

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