Monday, November 25

How to make Fabric Gift Tags...

On Saturday I went to the Whitnash Christmas Craft Fair to sell the stuff I've been slaving away on for the last few months. It went reasonably well, stock leftover but okay for a first attempt.
But there's no rest for the wicked- especially at this time of year. I've started to throw myself into preparations for my Christmas. Still there's time for a quick tutorial...
These are the Fabric Gift Tags that I made for the fair- Aren't they Festive?!

They are easy to make and give you a chance to use your scrap materials, plus they make a present that little bit more special... It's my first Tutorial so bear with me.

You'll need:

Festive fabric - Coordinating Felt and embroidery thread - Baker's twine or ribbon - Light coloured card (I used 175gsm) - Coordinating button - Thick scrap card - A gluestick - Scissors - An embroidery needle - A hole puncher - An eyelet puncher - Eyelets - A pencil

Use thick card to create a template for your gift tag, then use this to cut shape out of chosen felt and light card. Trim about 5mm off each edge of the card tag.
Using your needle (and starting just off centre at the bottom- as shown below) punch evenly spaced holes around the edge of your card, about 3-5mm in - You will need to ensure there are an even number of holes around the tag and that the last hole is a stitch-length away from your first. Note: When punching your holes, consider your work surface carefully... An old cushion works perfectly, your lap does not!)
Use your card tag to cut matching shape out of fabric and  attach the both to the felt with gluestick.
Prepare embroidery thread (leaving a 10cm tail after the knot) and start sewing from the fabric side in the hole that you punched first. Sew running stitch all the way around the tag. Once you get to the last hole (your thread should finish on the fabric side), tie a knot in the thread and cut a 10cm tail.

Trim the felt edges so they look neat and evenly spaced from both the fabric and the card.

Using the thread tails, attach a button, tie a bow and trim the ends.

Use a hole puncher to make your attachment hole and press an eyelet into place with your eyelet puncher (If you don't have one, I've been told that a hammer works too).Thread baker's twine or ribbon through the hole and knot to make a loop.

Voila- pretty gift tags!

I used stamps to print 'To:' and 'From:' on the smaller ones and stenciled 'Love Santa x' on the larger ones with Sharpie.

And they don't have to be just for Christmas...

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