Friday, November 22

Tomorrow-Craft Fair Shenanigans!

So after all the stitching, and sticking and general crafting, the Whitnash Christmas Craft Fair is upon us....
Tomorrow I will be carting my Homemade haul and trying to tempt shoppers into spending their cash on some of my Christmas bits and Stocking Fillers.
I still have to label everything before I get an early night but I just wanted to show the stuff I'm going to be (hopefully) selling.
Fabric Gift tags with card back . Large (above) with 'Love Santa x' on the
back and Small (below) with space to write message. *Tutorial here!*

Felt Gift card holders
Snowflake table confetti
Felt flower brooches
Felt heart keyrings

Decorative cushions (above) and Decorative hanging hearts (below)-
both courtesy of my very talented Mother! 

Lavender Sachet couplets
I also made some Christmas Tree Decorations as mentioned in a previous post.
Everything I've made is hand-stitched, mainly because sewing machines scare me a little!

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