Saturday, December 7

December 7th - Gift Tag Challenge and 'That Cake'...

For the seventh day of Advent I created a bold and simple tag inspired by everyone's favourite delivery man....
7. Santa Claus
I glued a background of red card onto the tag and added black buttons, ribbon and a yellow cardboard buckle to create this Father Christmas-esque gift tag.

And another thing...
On Thursday it was my Dad's birthday and as part of him present, I decided to make him a Homemade cake. Sounds simple enough, right?!
Well maybe but I decided that this cake must look exactly like a cheese board  as my Dad would appreciate the creativity- plus he loves nothing more than a good board of cheese.
So I baked, shaped, iced & painted and- using a little imagination- created this...
The main cake is chocolate covered in chocolate flavoured brown roll-out icing and painted with a grain-like pattern to look like a wooden board.
The cheeses were all parts of a vanilla cake frosted with lemon buttercream and covered in yellow, cream and red roll-out.
For extra details I painted some blue/green veins on the 'Stilton' and some extra slices of 'holey cheese'. Then there were the extras: some 'crackers' which were Biscuits (made using my favourite recipe) and a bunch of grapes made using green peanut m&ms.
Finally, to make the bowl of 'chutney', I wrapped an almond cupcake in blue roll-out icing to create the pot then finished it with a creamy chocolate topping mixed with raisins, almonds and chocolate chunks. 
The cake was on a white icing tablecloth painted with picnic check and my birthday message.

I'm pretty proud of it and my Dad seemed to like it...

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