Sunday, December 22

Gift Tag Challenge (Catch up) 17th-22nd December

This week has been pretty hectic, what with finishing presents, visiting relatives and wrestling with wrapping paper. The preparations for Christmas have officially moved up a gear! Because of this, my blogging has dried up a little and the Gift Tag posts I promised on every day of Advent have stalled. So here's a bunch of quick and easy homemade gift tags to make up for lost time...
17. Snowflakes
I used my snowflake puncher on a paint swatch and glued the snowflakes onto the tag-simple as that.
18. Stars
I chose some small christmassy words and drew them on the tags in a starry font with a blue Sharpie.
19. Felt Shapes
I cut the basic shapes (the snowman's body and Christmas tree), added some detail with pen and dotted the tags with snow (A.K.A Typex).

20. Festive Fonts
If you've never heard of Dafont then you should check it out. You can download some amazing fonts for free (for non-commercial use) that you can use to create some awesome things. For these tags I drew some words in Christmas fonts- Cute!

21. Postage Stamp Collage
I collected some Christmas stamps from the vast amount of cards flooding through the letter box and arranged them on the tag. I think it's really cheerful and I love the stamps that were designed by the little girls that won the Royal Mail competition!

22. Stamps
These were the easiest tags to make ever, I dabbed gold ink over the card to make a mottled background then stamped some Christmas stamps on in black ink. To give them a little bit of a rustic feel, I attached some brown twine in the tag holes.

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