Tuesday, December 24

Gift Tag Challenge - Dec 23rd and 24th

It's Christmas Eve and I have to post the final Advent Gift Tag (and the one I missed yesterday due to prancing around in the kitchen)....

 23. Simple Felt Shapes
I used felt a couple of tags back and it worked okay but they looked a bit 'busy' so I decided to adapt the idea but keep the felt shapes looking bold with minimal embellishment So I did this bauble with a little Baker's Twine and this Holly with jeweled 'berries'.
24. '3d' Stamps
Okay so they're not actually 3d in the 'in-your-face' sense, but they are raised off the tag. I stamped some cute Christmas stamps onto white card, cut the image out and attached them to the tags with adhesive pads. I also added some colour on parts with pens to make them stand out a little more!

Well, that's it! I can't believe it's nearly Christmas! I'm so excited as I've given some what I think are special gifts this year and I can't wait to see if people like them. For me, Christmas is about giving presents no matter what you get in return. People say that good friends are the ones who give you amazing gifts...But for me, good friends are the ones that you have given amazing gifts to because they will have been so great for the rest of the year that you feel they deserve it!

Happy Christmas Everyone!!

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