Friday, December 6

Gift Tag Challenge - Dec 6th

Today is the sixth day of Advent and I felt like something fun...
Christmas changes as you grow older- when you're a teenager it's about the cash total you can drum up as you rifle through your late teens you look forward to December for that messy Boxing night out with your friends (and an even messier one at New Year)...and when you get older still and have some responsibilities, you suddenly find yourself with an ever-expanding Christmas Card list, last minute wrapping on Christmas eve in a state of panic and dusting off your GCSE Maths so you don't end up with a still-half-frozen turkey come Christmas Lunch. The whole thing just becomes uber-stressful 
Christmas will never compare to when you were child gazing up at the festive lights in awe and counting down the sleeps 'til Santa. You write a detailed letter to leave with a mince pie, you bring home many a seasonal craft project from school and you attempt to move all the clocks in the house forwards so you can get up earlier...just me then? It's a magical time and once you start to grow up, it loses that a little or at least it did for me.
However I'm told that once you have your own children shaking with excitement and begging Christmas to hurry, that you get a little of that magic back.
Hayden is too young this year to know what's going on (She does love a good rustle of wrapping paper though) but I can't wait for her little eyes to light up when I tell her all about Santa and his elves! 
So for today's gift tag I thought it would be nice to welcome some of that child-like joy back into the festive season with a kid-friendly, sightly messy, craft

6. Fingerpainting
I used red and green ink (and my fingers) to apply these simple Christmas images, then finished them with a sharpie. Easy-peasy and lots of fun
Hayden might not know what Christmas is but I'm sure her face will be a picture when she sees the Christmas Tree for the first time!
Feeling festive despite having to painfully scrub my fingertips... x

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