Sunday, December 29

How was your Christmas?

Christmas, as always, was a lovely time. By the time Christmas morning rolled around, the pile of presents has grown bigger than it's ever been and we had lots of fun opening them. Hayden spent most her time launching herself into the middle of the present heap and trying to eat all the gift tags so we didn't know what was from who. Still, it was lovely to watch her experience Christmas, even if it was in her own special way.
The days that followed were a bit of a blur- I had some long-awaited surgery on December 27th so my Festive spirit was cut a little short and I will probably spend the first part of the new year nursing my wounds and curling up in my very cosy new dressing gown (Thanks, Mom).
There's nothing better to pass the (recovery) time than a cheeky blog post so now all the Christmas presents are opened and no longer a big secret, I thought I would share some of the homemade presents that I made for my friends and family...
Christmas in a Jar: 
More a token gift than something with any real use, this festive jar is filled with Christmassy bits and bobs and decorated with some seasonal fabric, ribbon and a shiny bauble. The contents of the jar are as follows: some sparkly tinsel, a stick of cinnamon, some mini candy canes, a tree ornament, some more baubles, a festive smelling candle, some chocolate coins, a paper snowflake and a scroll with a Christmas poem on. Not only do they look nifty but stick your nose in the top and it smells like Christmas!
Snowman Poop and Grinch Pills:
I can't take credit for these imaginative gifts, I found them on Pinterest, but I didn't pin them so I couldn't tell you where I got them from. If you know, please tell me- I am in no way trying to pass the idea (and wording) off as my own. I have however done my own version and this is how...
I bought some packets of Tic Tacs and peeled all the labels off- not an easy task-. I then used some Washi tape to cover where the labels had been as it was a bit sticky. I cut some red and blue card, printed off the poems for inside and decoration for the front, glued everything in place and tied up with ribbon.
The Grinch Pills read 'Feeling kind of grouchy...' on the outside and then inside '...Holiday spirit can't be found, just try these little Grinch pills, they're the best medicine around. Whether eating a whole handful or munching one or two, these tasty little pills take the Grinch right out of you'.
Meanwhile, the Snowman poop had a cute littlle poem inside saying ' Heard you've been naughty so here's the scoop, all you get for Christmas is Snowman Poop'. I decorated the front with the recipients' initial in a cute snowman font that I found on Dafont called JS Snowbiz.
Puzzle Set:
My Grandpy is a bit of a puzzle fiend so for his Christmas gift I put together a little bit of a set for him. I rolled up some crossword books and stuck them together to make a long tube. I then used some blue card and Washi to make an attached 'display-type' box in which I put some logic puzzzle cards, some toffees (for brain fuel, of course) and a mini pen.
I also made some other set-type-things for some friends (Sorry there are no photos)- a manicure set with nail-care goodies in a card case hooked over the neck of a varnish remover bottle for a friend that should take time to pamper herself and a colouring book with attached crayons for her beautiful little boy!
Christmas Treat Bags:
When I originally planned to put together some Christmas goodies in a bag, I ordered some burlap sacks and began buying the yummy contents. It was only when I went to put them together, about a week before Christmas that I realised the sacks I'd got were about half the size that I needed them to be. So I was forced to quickly whip up some bags with some leftover felt, by hand thanks to my sewing machine fear, and these are a few of the finished ones. They are filled with toffees, humbugs, chocolate coins, a candy cane and some Christmas treats, then tied up with ribbon and a Christmas tag.

I also had lots of fun with my Wrapping... as well as using all the tags I'd made on each day of Advent, I got creative with my gifts and here are some of the results.
Ribbon cut up and layered with double-sided tape: Easiest. Rosettes Ever!
I printed off some bauble letters, coloured them in and threaded them on some gold string before attaching my makeshift ornament bunting to my presents.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

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