Tuesday, December 3

The Gift Tag Challenge - 1, 2, 3...

This Christmas I've challenged myself to be as creative as possible and as part of that I bought a pack of plain brown gift tags which I'm going to use to make lots of quick and easy tags with things I already have tucked away in my craft box.
So I'll be bringing you a tag a day for the rest of Advent!
I'm a little behind as today is the third but I have been busy with my Dad's birthday and Christmas shopping. So to make up for it, here's a triple whammy...

1. Buttons
I stuck buttons from my stash with adhesive to create colourful little Christmas pictures.
2. Silhouettes
I recently got an old copy of The Gingerbread Man and as much as it pained me to cut it up, the text (with it's references to gingerbread) was the perfect background for these stenciled festive images.
3. The Snowman
This was once an embellishment on a kid's hair band but it's been years since it had any purpose- so I thought why not stick it to a tag for a simple but cute effect.

So that was the beginning of Advent, they'll be a Day 4 tag tomorrow...

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