Thursday, January 2

5 Ways to Record the Year!

In the spirit of New Year (and to help me keep my Resolution to record this year creatively), I've gathered some inspiration and found the best ways you can make your year into something fun to look back on...

Index cards: 
This one is nice and easy- grab yourself some index cards (like the ones they used to use at libraries until big,scary computers took over!), one for every day of the year and write the dates at the top. All you have to do on each card is write the year and a short sentence about something that happened that day- do this every day for five years or so and you will have a easy to browse 'diary' that guides you through a portion of your life. It's a long term one but I think it will be a lot of fun to look back on what you did five years ago today!

Doodle Journal:
If you search for 'doodle journal' on Pinterest, you will be met with an epic collection of beautiful pages that lots of talented people have created in order to express themselves on a given day. The idea behind a doodle journal is that you use your imagination to let art and words tell a story of what your feeling at the time. Some people do it day-to-day, others when they feel they have something significant to share. There's lots of lovely tips about how to get started with a doodle journal, I really like this post from Leigh-Ann at freckled nest that give lots of awesome ideas- She very bravely shares some of her pages and they are really good!
Anna Denise's pages are filled with her incredible illustrations- check out her Flickr photostream here!
This amazing piece was found on Eklektick's photostream- she has done some amazing artwork seen on her blog here! This is on one of the pages from 'Wreck This Journal' by Keri Smith that allows you to get creative with a blankI(ish) book. I myself bought this book a few years ago but I've never managed to create such incredible results- I think my imagination was stunted by Tequila at that stage in my life!
And what's great about creating this type of keepsake, rather than a scrapbook or or similar, is that (in it's simplest form) you literally need any old notebook, a pen and your imagination...

Memory Jar:
Write down about events you want to remember and moments you'll probably forget and put them in a jar, then come the end of the year take some time to read back some memories. You could do this as a family and make an occasion of reading them at New Years. Simply cut yourself lots of small pieces of paper and place with a pen and your chosen jar somewhere handy and get scribbling whenever the moment takes you!

Photo a day:
The idea of this is you take one picture a day for a month, or even all 12, usually with some kind of theme/subject/inspiration for each one. You can write a list of your own subjects or have a little look online- there are tons of ideas floating about (I'm a fan of Fat Mum Slim's ideas). Alternatively, your photos could just be of something that represents the day ~(a place, a person, an activity). Use your pictures to make an album with a simple caption (or just the date) or, if you don't want to spend money printing them, set up an online album or account on a photo-sharing site to display your pictures!
The above is the newest Photo-a-day from Fat Mum Slim- Check out this post about how to get started! I will be doing this challenge and have set up a Facebook album to share the photos I take and I will probably pin them too!

A Second a Day:
I recently saw an incredible video that a new Father had made and it blew me away! Photographer, Sam Cornwell recorded his new son, Indigo everyday for his first year then stitched a second from each day together and accompanied it with some inspiring music to create an amazing piece that the family will appreciate for years to come...Watch the video here! It's a fabulous idea and I only wish I seen it before Hayden was born but it's still worth considering as an effective way to document your year, particularly if it is a landmark one- i.e, you're getting married, you're having a baby, you are travelling...

I obviously won't be using all these methods (probably) but as it is Hayden's first full year and I need lots of creative outlets in my life, I am going to try to do one or two. All past attempts at keeping any kind of diary in my teens were somewhat shortlived but as my life is a lot different nowadays, I think I can manage it!

NB: If you want to pin any of the images above please go to the original sources to do so!

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