Wednesday, January 29

Craft Challenge is nearly done...

A few weeks ago, I started a year long challenge which would motivate me to make something once a month. I'm using the month's page from my Craftseller calender as inspiration and I'm drawing out a type of craft/item to make from a bag.
This month's photo gets me thinking of all things Woodland- a trend that seems to be getting more popular by the day. Owls, foxes, trees, toadstools and squirrels are popping up everywhere and apparently the badger is about to have his day too.
I will be posting the finished product on the 31st but here's a sneaky peak of some of the images I used to inspire me further...

I also managed to convince my Mother to join in and she has been sewing her project since. She has been keeping it all very cloak and dagger so I don't know what she is making but she drew 'Fashion' so I'm intrigued to find out what all her efforts will create! I'm hoping I can persuade her to write a guest blog post about it... We'll see.

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