Wednesday, January 15

Monthly Craft Challenge

This time of year is when my craftiness dries up a little for a month or so. There's not really birthday presents to make, I'm pretty much 'baked' out and I'm a little stretched on the money rather than curling up into a ball and pretending the world has gone away, I've set myself a challenge, game, whatever you want to call it, and it's something that will last all year! 
I'm a big fan of Craftseller magazine. At some point in the future- hopefully this year- I want to start selling homemade products and this is a magazine that is filled with practical advice for business as well as lots of things to make and do. 
Anyway, a few issues ago the mag came with a free 2014 calendar with glossy photos of exciting makes (from the Simple Makes* series of books which I have to have in my life soon!) and I've decided to use this for inspiration...
Every month I will make something inspired by that page's picture and just to make it interesting- I won't have control over what type of thing I make...
"How is that possible?", I hear you say. Well I've written twelve different crafts/product types on twelve bits of paper (such as 'felt', 'cupcakes' and 'papercraft') and each month I will draw a ticket out and do whatever it says on the selected one.
We're a little late into the month but I'm drawing the first one tomorrow and I'm sooo excited! How geeky is that?! 
If you're reading this and you want to play too (come on, it'll be fun!), I'll be posting a photo of the calendar page at the beginning of each month (or you can buy the back issue-no. 30- here) and would love to see anything you've made! To make your own tickets, here is the list of what I wrote on them...or you could choose your own. 
Paper craft
Photography collection 

Check out the January post tomorrow...
In the meantime, if you like crafting (be it: card making, sewing, felting, baking, jewellery making... I could go on) then you should consider going out and getting the latest issue of Craftseller which comes out tomorrow!...and I'm not even paid to say that! 

*The Simple Makes books are 'Felt Sew Good', 'Little Sew and Sew' and 'Scissors, Paper, Craft' all by Christine Leech and 'Hook, Yarn and Crochet' by Ros Badger

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