Wednesday, January 1

So it's 2014...

2013 was a pretty noteworthy year for me. I left a company that I have worked for for over three years, I became closer friends with some pretty special people, my craft skills developed and I did my first fair (actually selling some homemade product) and most monumentally, I became a mother. 
Mine and Tabs' stall at the Christmas Craft Fair.
Hayden is 8 months on January 5th!
Hayden is the most beautiful little girl- she's inquisitive, mischievous and she has definitely inherited my family's appetite. Although I have found the transition to motherhood difficult (and still have my moments), she is still an amazing creature that I love very much and I can't wait to watch her discover all the exciting things life will bring in the years to come.
My beautiful girl!
 2014 is going to be shiny and new- it is going to be when my baby girl and I start building our life. I will have to decide what to do when my maternity leave runs out, I've got to let Haydee go to nursery without me and we will need to find a place of our own for our little family. 
So I have some resolutions . I know resolutions have a bit of a bad rep- they're regarded as a bit of gimmick and end in people tossing them out the window- but I'm not talking about 'I will eat only lettuce and visit the gym 17 times a week' or 'I will become an Astronaut'. These are more lifestyle decisions, little things that I want to incorporate into my life and can do (mostly) with ease.
- Find some interesting ways to record the year, so Hayden will have lots of things to look at when she's old enough.
-Make a home. Not just moving into somewhere but really making wherever we live into somewhere we feel is special.
- Read more. I really enjoy reading but with all the crafting, writing,..okay: TV watching and life stuff going on, I haven't picked up a proper book in what seems like years! I would like to try and get through some books, especially the ones that I got for Christmas, even if its just by reading a chapter a day.
- Set up a Facebook page or an online shop to sell homemade presents and such. I've yet to decide what avenue to go down as far as product type goes but I'm hoping to go online around September so I've got some time to decide!
- Use Happier regularly to appreciate the positives in everyday, even if it's a Monday! In case your not familiar with Happier, it's a social network 'journal (available as a free App) that lets you 'share a happy'... not as weird as it sounds. Basically you post about moments that made you smile, from the big- you just got married, you're relaxing on holiday - to the small, everyday type- you just saw your favourite movie, you watched your baby eat their first strawberry... It's supposedly proven (scientifically and all that) that people who take a second to appreciate the little things are happier... (I've already started this one so it's just a case of carrying it on).
- Keep baking and hopefully get better at it. It's my Mom's birthday in a few days so I'm going to make her a cake- I'm still a little fragile from a recent surgery so it might not be as ambitious as the one I made for my Dad but it will hopefully be very yummy! Stay tuned for that...
The Cheeseboard cake I made for my Dad's birthday- Will my Mom's be as good?
I didn't do much for New Year as I'm still in pain and to be honest I'm not really a fan of NYE these days. I stayed in with my parents, ate some yummy food, watched some genius comedy on TV (Two Doors Down - if you didn't see it, get on BBC iplayer!!) and was in bed by half 11. I'm obviously getting old- I saw this on Facebook and it definitely raised a smile!  I might have been all over this a few years ago but nowadays I'd rather spend a evening with people I love!

Hope you all had a great new year whatever you chose to do!! Happy 2014!

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