Thursday, February 13

It's Nearly "Love-day'!

I've always hated Valentine's day. Not because I'm bitter and single (and I am) but because it seem like a massive commercial dupe. I'm not saying my opinion's changed, people shouldn't tell someone they love them because of a calendar date. . . However this year the crafter in me is finding it hard to resist all the Love-themed makes floating about . . . And with the added fact that Feb's monthly challenge revolves around all things Heart-shaped, I am feeling the pull of this candy-coated day!
So this Valentine's day, I shall not be brought breakfast in bed from my perfect man (Christian Kane, FYI) or receiving a dozen red roses from a secret admirer (at least I don't expect to) but I shall swallow my pride and use the day to show my friends and my family how special they are to me!
There are loads of ways you can do the same with little money and a lot of love, here's 10 of the best. Some are perfect for a last minute token of your affection if you have left v-day plans until the final hour. . . Some are a little more time consuming and may need to be pinned for next February. . .

NB:  Feel free to pin the above picture but if you want to pin/link to any of the individual pictures below then please click on the link underneath them and do it from the original source. I did not take these pictures, I am just showcasing what some talented people have created and want to make sure they get the credit they deserve!
1. A Love-Note Coffee Sleeve:
 This adorable accessory from Smile Monsters is the perfect wake-up call for that special someone

 2. Glitter Heart Cushion:
Add some romantic sparkle to your life with High on DIY 's glitzy cushion

 3. Conversation Heart Cookies:
Say it with sweet treats with Martha Stewart 's cookies. These heart-shaped goodies would be perfect for friends and family as well as the one you love

 4. Mini Valentine's Boxes:
These mini favor boxes by Wedding Chicks are simple to make and could have anything inside. . .

 5. Rustic Photo Holder:
Cherish your memories together with Kicksend 's log photo holder . . . (It would fit in lovely with all that Nordic decor that is everywhere right now)

6. Valentine Light-bulb:
This is too cute . . . Get thinking of those electricity-themed puns to go with this awesome light by Design Sponge

7. Heart-filled Sugar Cubes:
Give your love some sugar (-sorry, that was terrible) in the form of Bloom Designs ' adorable cubes

8. Heart Pin Cushion:
This cute pin cushion by Katie at Made to be a Momma is perfect for a Valentine's gift for the needlecrafter in your life!

9. Heart Puzzle:
Kelly at Studio DIY 's glittery block puzzle displays four different coloured hearts when fitted together. It would look great on someone you love's shelf and seems super easy to make

10. Chocolate & Cards:
These pretty (and yummy) homemade cards would be just the ticket for a last minute token of love and Bird's Party has free printables for it too

Have a Happy Love-Day

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