Tuesday, February 4

January's Photo-a-day: One Month On...

At the beginning of the year, I made the Resolution to record my year creatively and in exploring ways to do this, I decided to commit to a popular challenge- Photo a day.
I joined a Facebook group created by Fat Mum Slim and have been posting a picture relating to each day's prompt with unyielding enthusiasm. I have to say, I've found the whole thing enlightening. I knew (or at least I hoped) that taking up the challenge would improve my photos, stir my imagination and force me to see the world through refreshed eyes but what I didn't expect was that I would find myself part of a tight network of talented people that inspire me.
I'm blown away by the way every single member interprets the prompt in their own way everyday and comes up with a picture nobody else would have thought of. I'm encouraged by the way the most familiar objects can look so interesting and beautiful in a photo when the right person is behind the lens. But most of all, I'm moved by how members share pictures that hold a real personal meaning for them and receive only a shower of love and support in the comment box!
I would absolutely recommend having a go- if only for a month. You don't have to be a photography pro, I barely know my way round a camera . . . Give it a go - You wont regret it.
So I'd like to share some of the photos from the first month that I am most proud of . . .
January 3rd - 'My Town'.
An evening walk gave me the chance to snap my road bathed in the glow from the streetlights. 
January 15th - 'Black and White'.
I went for a walk around where I live and as I'm lucky enough to live fairly near to some beautiful old cottages with thatched roofs and (perfect for the prompt) black and white paint.
January 16th - 'Sun'.
That big ball of warmth isn't usually out and about at this time of year but I managed to catch it on one of it's rare appearances.
January 19th - 'Breakfast'
I avoided capturing my breakfast because there's a limit to how glamorous you can make a bowl of soggy cereal look. Hayden, however, makes any picture look good (even if she is stuffing her face).
January 31st - 'Polka Dot'
I finally got the hang of a great photo app on my phone and I absolutely love the results it produces. This photo was one of my favourites.
So give Photo-a-Day a go. You might surprise yourself . . .

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