Monday, February 10

My Mom's Woodland Creation

My Mom is one talented lady. I was thrilled that she decided to 'jump aboard the craft train' and join in with my Monthly challenge because I knew she would make something great . . . and I wasn't disappointed, she did herself proud.

 So I asked her to say a little about her thought process and what she felt about the finished results . . .
" When I first saw the prompt picture from the January's Calendar Page, it made me think of the Woodland, it's plants and animals. The felt characters were small and cute so I wanted whatever I made to reflect that, rather than being big and bold.
The first thought I had when I drew the ticket with 'Fashion' on was "Oh dear". . . Making clothes would too big a scale to create the 'small and cute' result that I had in mind and I knew that I only had scraps of fabric. But then I recognised how big a scope 'Fashion' was, I realised I could make all kinds of things, jewelry, accessories, etc. I though about making a purse but I couldn't visualise how I could interpret the woodland theme. . . I decided to make a Bracelet and as I had the fabric scraps, I knew I wanted to sew it.
Starting the challenge halfway through the month meant I only had a few weeks so I had to be decisive. I sat down for about half an hour to think about the task at hand and once I'd decided on my idea, I went straight to selecting materials.
I didn't realise how time consuming it would be, I thought that because it was small that it wouldn't be too bad . . . However it ended up taking longer than I anticipated due to all the tiny stitches and detailing on each piece.
I am happy with it but if I was to make it again, and had a little more time, I would've finished the band with a little more care."

So with that said, here is a quick guide on how to make this quirky, woodland cuff bracelet . . .

You'll need: Paper; Scissors; Pen/Pencil; Scraps of fabric; Silk thread in various colours; A small needle; Stuffing; Bias binding (folded in half and pressed); Elastic.
Draw out each paper stencil of each 'feature' of the bracelet and cut them out. Pin each stencil onto two pieces of chosen fabric- The two pieces to be placed together with the front of the fabrics facing inwards.

Backstitch the two pieces of fabric together around the paper stencil, stopping when there is just a cm or so gap.
Trim around the edge of the stitching and then turn the shape inside out (You may need to use tweezers as the shapes are small) Fill it with stuffing and seal the cm gap with small overstitch.
Add detail onto the shape and then finish off by overstitching all around the edge.
Complete enough feature pieces to 'fill' the bracelet
Cut a length of elastic to fit your wrist. Stretch it out and place inside a piece of bias binding the same length as the elastic is at maximum length. Pin so that the elastic remains taut before overstitching the edges of the bias binding and then sewing backstitch along where the elastic is (for extra security). Then join up the ends of the band and sew together.
Stitch each feature piece onto the finished band at the edges. Once all pieces are in place, stitch along the middle of the band, just catching the fabric of the feature shapes lightly.

My Mom made this with woodland inspiration- Rabbits, flowers, owls . . . but this method could be used with whatever theme you wanted.

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