Wednesday, February 19

Old McDonald had a Farm...

Hayden and I were recently lucky enough to be invited by a friend to a birthday party she was throwing for her (now) 2 year old son. 
I was very keen to do something for the bash do I persuaded her to let me bake some Cupcakes... So over the weekend I got busy in the kitchen- Baking, frosting and playing with sugarpaste! I got the idea for this cake farmyard when I saw some farm-themed cupcakes in one of my baking magazines so I took the idea and 'ran with it'
Thy turned out better than I thought they would- my favourite ones were the sheep
". . . And on that farm he had some Cows": The vanilla flavoured cow cakes had an edible 'bell' and some chocolate sponge hay bales to rest their head on
". . . And on that farm he had some Pigs": These pink pigs had the yummiest icing (Tesco's roll out FYI) and as I didn't have any round cutters, their eyes were cut using the lid of my craft knife . . . 
". . . And on that farm he had some Sheep": I piped some vanilla frosting to make the sheep's' wooly bodies and added a black face and little feet
". . . And on that farm he had some Ducks": These yellow ducks may seem all cute and innocent but they were a pain in the behind to make- those beaks would not attach as easily as I would've hoped
". . . And on that farm he had some Rabbits!:  I love these adorable burrowing rabbits and they'd be great for the upcoming Easter festivities
As well as the farm animals, I also made a chocolate sponge wall complete with a distressed sign and a rickety gate made from chocolate fingers

Also for the birthday boy's present, I made a felt train called Archie (He had a name certificate and everything!)...

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