Monday, March 31

Afternoon Tea

To celebrate Mother's Day, I decided I'd make a 'High Tea' style spread for my Mom and me. It was quite the success, despite falling slap-bang in the middle of the apparent 24 hour bug that decided to jump on my bandwagon
So I decided to share some pictures and some links to some of the recipes I used . . .
I set the table with pinks and florals and made use of my cupcake stands
Simple 'bunting' hung along the shelves and walls- It was made using lace ribbon, some mini wooden pegs and lots of photos of my Mom & me and my Mom & Hayden

We drank this stuff (which is the 'schiz') and lots of tea

The savoury tower with sandwiches and topped crackers
The dessert tower which was crammed with loads of lovely homemade treats
We got to use the beautiful cups & saucers that my Mom inherited from her mother
 The Food
To start we ate: Smoked salmon & cream cheese melba toasts, tuna & egg topped crackers, chicken & avocado rolls, cucumber finger sandwiches and ham, brie & chutney sandwiches.

Mini banoffee tartlets & strawberry tartlets: I used pre-made mini tartlet cases (Pastry isn't my strong point) and piped them with my fave whipped cream frosting and topped some with strawberry slices and others with bananas & toffee sauce. The banoffee ones were amazing!
Orange Liquor Meringue kisses: I used a basic meringue recipe to make the the 'kisses' then sandwiched them together with orange curd and some more whipped cream frosting with added Cointreau

Almond sponge stacks with chocolate ganache: The cake was a plain sponge recipe with added  ground almond and almond essence. I used this recipe for the ganache but used dark chocolate instead of milk
Chocolate and raspberry tarts: The cases are crushed digestive with melted butter & milk chocolate molded into case shapes and set. I then filled them with a 'smooshed' raspberry and this ganache (although just using milk chocolate). I then topped them with an extra raspberry. They were so good...
Cinnamon latte (mini) cupcakes: I used a plain sponge base but added 2 teaspoons of strong coffee and 1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon. For the frosting, I mixed 40g butter and 200g icing sugar then added 2 tablespoons of milk mixed with a teaspoon of cinnamon (That topped 12 mini cupcakes)
 And Hayden enjoyed hers too . . .

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