Saturday, March 8

March's Craft Challenge...

We drew our Monthly Craft Challenge ticket a little late this month- it was my Birthday on the third so everything got a little put off whilst I opened presents and such...
March's calendar picture/ inspiration is a floral embroidered bag in spring colours. . .
Craftseller Magazine's Calendar is the key to this challenge and this month's picture serves as our prompt for whatever craft we randomly draw from the hat!
I love Spring. . . It's all about flowers, there's lots of craft opportunities with Easter & Mother's Day and it's definitely the prettiest of the seasons. Plus, lambs are cute. I can't get enough of spring-themed florals so this challenge will be a good one!
I drew 'Homeware' and as I'm currently looking for a new home, this will be a good opportunity to make something I can actually use! My Mom pulled out 'Baking' and is refusing to make a cake. She won't tell me what she is planning, my only clue is she has brought a load of veg for it...puzzling. 
Speaking of my mother: her February Challenge was very cute! Check that out when I post a 'how-to' later!

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