Friday, April 11

10 Exciting Blog Finds This Week

I've been really lucky with Hayden, in that she has always slept pretty much all through the night *touches lots of wood*. The one downside of that is that she doesn't nap for very long in the day which means I can't really do much until her bedtime. Of course I have tried, I've started some kind of project only to have to stop after 15 minutes and never resume said project ever again . . . Finally I've accepted that doing anything productive, especially if it makes any kind of sound whatsoever (the child is the lightest sleeper- if you've seen the fourth season of Prison break and remember those sound sensors they use, she's like that!), is just not going to happen. So I have started using that time every morning to have a sit down and read some blogs by some very talented and inspiring people (Notice I've updated my reading list on the right!)
After a week or so of perusing some great posts, there were so many things I wanted to share so here are 10 tutorials and things that I've seen this week that I couldn't keep to myself . . . 

(It was supposed to be 5 but I got a little carried away and couldn't possible narrow it down. I figured that it was the first time I've done this so I'd let myself off!)

 1. Dos Family has a great tutorial for this D.I.Y Name Lamp - definitely going to give this a try when Haydee and I get our house!
2. There's 14 inspiring Flooring Ideas on decor8 that are worth a look
 3. This D.I.Y Geometric Concrete Paperweight is seriously chic - You can check out the tutorial on Design Sponge
4. A Beautiful Mess featured this very tasty looking Thai Tea Frappe this week and I haven't stopped thinking about trying it ever since!
5. There's some cute ideas for Easter Gifts on the Mollie Makes site
6. Exciting news: Skinny laMinx have teamed up with Robin Sprong Wallpaper and now you can get made to order Wallpaper in some of their beautiful prints . . . Amazing!
7. This D.I.Y Fabric Easter Basket from The House That Lars Built would be perfect for filling with chocolate eggs and other Easter goodies for loved ones
8. Here's a lovely idea for an alternative Easter surprise from Paper & Stitch - Bouquet Bombing . . . I know it would make me smile on Easter morning!
9. Oh Hello Friend made these awesome Tiny Notepads and shows you how . . .
10. I'm practically salivating over this colourful Easter Bark from Sweetapolita!

I may do this every week or at least every couple of weeks because there really is so much creativity out there and it's nice to share. . .

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