Wednesday, April 30

April's Challenge: Fabric Animal Wall Art

When I picked this Month's Craft Challenge, I absolutely, without any smidgen of doubt, knew what I was going to do... A fabric picture of some elephants for Hayden's room (when she has a room), something I had had on the to-do list for quite a while. Halfway through however (and about 5 days ago), I decided that what I had done was a disaster. My Mom tried to convince me that it was good and I should carry on but it didn't look how I had intended it to. . . I hated it!
The 'prompt picture' for this month feature these cute egg cosies. I was inspired by the elephant which is becoming one of my favourite animals
So I had to think of a new idea and make it by today. No problem. Actually the idea came to me rather swiftly. It did cause me to rethink my entire plan for Hayden's bedroom though (when we have a new home)- The fabrics I used for these Animal Wall Art will inspire the entire room!

If you fancy making your own fabric wall art, here's how to:
You'll need:
Set of 20cmx20cm canvas wall art (any old cheap will do, it doesn't matter what the picture is like)/Chosen fabrics/Coordinating felt/Coordinating embroidery thread/White paint and paintbrush/Gluestick/Drawing pins/Sellotape/Duct tape/Scissors/Pins & needle/Large embroidery hoop/Paper and pencil
The Fabrics I will use to design Hayden's room- They are part of a range called Summersville Spring by Lucie Summers (for Moda). I have just ordered a layer cake in the range from Etsy so I'm excited for that to get here!
Paint the canvases with white paint to cover the existing images. If your chosen material is dark, you may not need to do this but I wanted to make sure that you could see any of the image through my material. Leave them aside to dry.
Cut the pieces of fabric- you'll need it to be big enough to wrap around the canvas. My 20x20cm canvases were 2cm deep so I cut my fabric 26x26cm to make sure there was enough excess material.
On paper, draw and cut out animal templates then use them to cut the shapes out of felt

Wrap each piece of fabric around a canvas and use a drawing pin to hold it in place. Then turn the canvas over and lightly glue the animal shape in the centre. You can then remove the fabric from the canvas.
Fix the fabric onto an embroidery hoop and stitch on the animal shapes using 3 strands of embroidery floss 
Wrap fabric around canvas and use sellotape to fix in place-Fold the corners like you are wrapping a present, they should look as below from the front.
Fix the corners more securely with a drawing pin in the back of each
If your canvas already has a hook to put it up on the wall with, make sure that you cut your fabric round it and attach in place with sellotape
Now that it's all fixed in place, you need to secure it more permanently so use duct tape to stick the all the fabric edges down

So that's it - my wall art. I may use all four, I may use only three, it depends what size Hayden's bedroom turns out to be when we eventually find a place. . .

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