Thursday, April 17

Easter Bunny Egg Holder

This Easter is Hayden's first so I want to give her something that she can keep for the years to come. Maybe something I can hide at the end of Easter egg hunt when she is old enough to play- My Mom used to do them for me so I'm eggcited (sorry!) to carry on the tradition
I decided to make this stuffed Easter bunny that would hold a small(ish) sized Easter egg.
My first instinct was to use felt because that is what I'm used to working with when it comes to things like this . . . But I decided to step out my comfort zone a little when I found this pretty floral fabric hiding in my fat quarter stash
It's not without it's faults- I'm still sharpening my skills- however I think as a first attempt at a stuffed toy, I did okay
This isn't a detailed tutorial as I didn't take enough photos at different stages & reams of text would be a little confusing without then. It is a brief and basic how-to that would required the maker to put their own spin on it. . .
You'll need:
A fat quarter of chosen fabric 
Coordinating embroidery thread
Cotton thread (that is a similar colour to your fabric)
Coordinating ribbon
Coordinating felt
White felt
Teddy stuffing
Paper and pencil
Needle and pins
Chosen Easter egg (it's better to have an Easter egg in the size you want to use before you start- as then you can make sure your bunny is big enough to hold it)

Draw out your bunny rabbit, using your Easter egg as a size guide. 
Cut out the parts of your bunny from the paper - you will need to end up with a head & body, an ear, an arm and a foot paper template
Use the paper templates to cut out the right number of each piece (see picture above)- remember to leave an extra cm or so of fabric around the template for when you're sewing
Use coloured felt to add extra detail on the feet and ears, stitching it on in embroidery thread
Sew the ear pieces and the foot pieces together (right sides together) then turn them inside out.For the arms, do the same but place a piece of ribbon in each before you sew then so the strips will come out the hand end (see below)
Using embroidery thread to stitch a face onto the rabbit
For the tail: cut a circle of white felt and cut a slice out of it (like a cake. . .umm, cake). Pull slice closed, to make a cone shape and sew onto a slightly smaller circle, stuffing the inside. Reshape to soften the cone's point and then stitch the tail onto the back body piece
These are the pieces you should have
Quickly stuff and stitch the ears and arms onto the front body piece, pointing inwards
Place the back and front body pieces right sides together and stitch them together. Turn the rabbit inside out and stuff 
Sew a leaf-shape piece of fabric to close up the bottom.
Stitch on your feet 
Then just place your Easter egg between the bunny rabbit's arms and tie the end of ribbon to secure
 I don't usually do anything for Easter but I'm super excited for it this year! My friends and I are having an Easter party for our children tomorrow and my parents, Hayden and I are having a family meal on Sunday. It's going to be a lovely long weekend, lets hope the sun stays out. . .

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