Thursday, April 3

Spring Flower Plates for March's Challenge

So remember way back at the beginning of March, I drew homeware in my Monthly craft challenge and was inspired by the spring flowers on this month's Craftseller calendar page. So I decided to make some Sharpie-decorated plates with some colourful blooms on.
I've been wanting to try this technique for ages, it keeps popping up on Pinterest, in magazines. . .and now I've finally had the chance to whack out my ever-increasing collection of sharpies and give it a go!

It's really easy to do- just wipe your surface so it's dry and dust free and get creative with your sharpies. The only limit is that of your imagination . . . You could do text on mugs, geometric patterns on your dinner set, a colourful design on that ceramic vase you have stashed away- the possibilities are endless!
 Quick tip though: if your filling in colour like I did, it's better to do lots of dots to fill the area, rather than just colouring in. This is because if you go over any bits of dried ink, it rubs off and gets the end of your pen sticky- not good!
When you've finished your design, bake at 350 for half an hour. Let your item heat up and cool down with your oven to avoid cracking- Basically put it in when the oven goes on and leave it in after the oven's been turned off.
Your item should now be hand washable- I wouldn't advise putting it in a dishwasher, it might be okay but I'm certainly not going to risk it! These are more display plates anyway, I'm not likely to eat tonight's Spag Bol' off them...

So that March's challenge out the way, time to draw April's . . . Stay tuned for that and to see what my mom did for last month's (Definitely not what I expected when she drew 'Baking'!) . . .

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