Sunday, April 20

What a Happy Easter

In my family, we generally don't usually celebrate Easter but now Hayden is around, we thought it would be nice to do something, create some traditions. There was the small Easter Party at my friend's house for the kiddies (although the grown ups had an equally good time) and then today, Hayden & I had a family meal with my parents (Both of which were kind of last minute). Lovely
So I thought I'd share a few photos . . .
My friend, Natalie hosted and made a lovely lunch for the little ones, including bunny-shaped sandwiches and Easter fairy cakes
I made this 'Miffy'-style bunny bunting to hang up. I used free printables from here , printed onto spring patterned paper, cut out and thread onto a piece of cotton!
Natalie strung up this tissue paper flower garland from
 Tescos- Isn't it cute?
Hayden wasn't remotely interested in the homemade Easter pinata  which eventually showered us with sweets. I can't take any credit for breaking it though- I sucked!

The kids got bags of marshmallows - I got the Bunny Tail labels from Create.Craft.Love
The 'grown ups' also had some marshmallows and we played 'Fluffy Bunnies' with them - It was gross. *If you've never heard of that game, it basically involved stuffing your face with marshmallows and trying to speak . . .Horrendous
Hayden was somewhat distracted during the Lucky Dip by all the grass she could be attempting to walk on . . . However she was impressed with the chocolate that she got when she eventually pulled something out!
I made Easter Rocky Road! It's not the best picture but it was very yummy. There was some made with Milk Chocolate and some with White. Both contained Flump marshmallows, Smarties, Pink wafers, Oreos and neon sugar sprinkles
Easter Sunday
Our 'Stash'- I would love to tell you it will last us ages but I'd probably be wrong!
Below: Our table- I tried to make it as pretty as possible but I was very short on time and I didn't have a lot to work with . . .
I dug some Spring tablecloths out, and stole Hayden's toy rabbit as a centrepiece (I told you I had very little to work with). The napkins were just tied with some lace ribbon from my craft stash and decorated with some flowers that I got from the garden (. . . in the rain . . . in my slippers). The glasses had some mini nests made from tissue paper, a chocolate egg and some more flowers. Definitely a last minute jobby but better than nothing!
 Hope you all had a Happy Easter! Now roll on Summer . . .

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