Wednesday, May 7

Monthly Craft Challenge: May

The beginning of May is a little crazy for me now. I have two close friends with Birthdays in the first week and Hayden's birthday is the 5th (Yes she is now a whole year old- crazy!). Add to that the devastating Gastric bug that decided to wreak havoc with the whole family for the weekend* and it's easy to see why I'm a little late drawing this Month's Challenge.

*I was so ill that I bought a Birthday cake for Hayden because I couldn't stomach making one myself. It was a serious kick in the teeth for the baker in me!

Here is May's Challenge . . .

Here's the prompt picture (From Craftseller Magazine's Calendar) for the months- Daisies!!  As for categories, I drew 'Sewing' whilst my Mom got 'Art'!

Tomorrow, Hayden and I are going away for a minibreak to Norfolk and I'm very excited for our first family holiday. When I get back I'll share a little more about Hayd's birthday and our trip too. Fingers crossed the sun makes a little appearance! 

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