Saturday, May 17

This Week's Blog Finds

I haven't had much of a chance to catch up on the blogs that I read until this week, what with Hayden's birthday and our Holiday so I embraced my reading time over the last few days. It was worth it because of all the amazing and noteworthy things I came across. . .

These DIY Animal Pins are so cute and definitely on my to-do list!

How delicious do these Popsicles look?!

Yvestown announced some exciting news about her blog

I want this Chocolate so much!

ABM shares tons more fun tutorials, my favourite is these Handmade Word Magnets

Dying to try these gorgeous-looking Mini Donuts

This Family Collage is such a cool thing to hang on your wall!

I am definitely making one of these Stools when I move into my new house!

Hopefully I can find a few hours this coming week to relax and have a read . . .

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