Sunday, June 1

May's Craft Challenge: Daisies!

May's Challenge was all about Daisies . . . 
May's picture from the Craftseller Magazine's 2014 Calendar that was the prompt for this month's Challenge
I had 'Sewing' for mine and the difficulty I had with this was that it couldn't get much more vague. I racked my brains and tried to make a decision about what I wanted to sew, at one point I even considered putting aside my sewing-machine fear (but no, just no) and eventually I decided I wanted/needed a new apron.
I found a daisy print Fabric in my local fabric shop and planned out some embroidery to sew onto a pocket. The apron is all hand stitched and to be honest, I made up the how-to as I went along. It's not without flaws but I think I did okay considering I was seriously winging it . . .
As for my Mom, she decided to create some 'Practical' Art and made this daisy chain pen holder with toilet roll tubes, plaited embroidery thread and some paint. The picture really doesn't do it justice, it's so pretty when you see it in the flesh - Plus, handy!

We are drawing June's challenge tomorrow and by looking at the prompt picture, it's going to be a toughie . . .

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