Tuesday, June 10

The Etsy Party

On Friday, I had a rare night out and headed out to an Etsy Party with my Mom. *For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about - Etsy encourages people worldwide to host Craft parties (this year on June 6th) in their local area, bringing craft-lovers together to socialise and get creative!
Lately I've been a bit 'stunted' when it comes to creativity. I had put it down to the fact I'm over stimulated (I'm an avid blog reader, I practically devour WHSmith's entire craft magazine section and I clock up a lot of Pinterest hours) but I've come to realise that that isn't the only reason. Sure, it's part of it but I think the main cause of my 'crafter's block' is that I have become so scared of imperfection. I seek out inspiration in other work because it gives me something to visualise, whereas making something from the depths of my imagination could result in failure. I can't just spontaneously start creating - What if I waste expensive materials? What if I work tirelessly and end up with something that shouldn't see the light of day.
However when it came to this party, I made the conscious decision to let go. The ticket price was for the experience and anything I happened to produce was a bonus. So I did, I embraced my inner child, stopped worrying about the end result and just went for it - and I had all the better time for it.
The Party was brilliantly put together, the girls at Berylune must have put in hours of prep to make it a funfilled evening.The venue was beautifully decorated, there were six great workshops taking place throughout the party and we got some jampacked goodie bags to come home with. Plus, loads of money was raised for Myton Hospice, a very worthy cause.
Armed with our complimentary glasses of Pimms, we explored the downstairs part of the venue which had various tables that you could entertain yourself on. There was Pom Pom making, Hamma beads and a rather impressive Papercraft table.
 Upstairs, the workshops were running. There was an opportunity to make felt cases, stamp jewelry, print on bags, make body scrub, decorate mini planters and decopage coasters. There were so many keen guests so it was a little busy but I got to enjoy making quite a few things.
There was a 'Ready Steady Craft' contest where a chosen few had to create something in a short time from a box of crafty bits (The winning creation is pictured below) and a 'Knit Off' which gave the speediest knitters a chance to shine. There was also a raffle which unsurprisingly I didn't win (My history with raffles is a sorry story)
 We had a great time in the Photo Booth with all the props although my Mom can not use an iphone camera at all. I'm glad homemade Photo Booths are becoming more popular these days- they should be part of every party (Get some ideas for your own here!)
 I really enjoyed making my coaster (below) and was amazed at how brilliant other people's were (The above pic is of my Mom in action). In fact, there was so much talent and creativity going on in general, it was massively inspiring
I had a seriously good evening and will definitely be up for another next year. In the meantime, I'm going to check out what people around the world got up to at their Etsy Craft Parties (Instagram, baby!)
(Check out photos of the Leamington Craft Party by other attendees here!)

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