Sunday, June 22

This Week: Cookies, Cat Food and Cake Competitions

What a week?! Here's some of what I've been up to:
Hayden loved looking at the colourful artworks in the local gallery (although she did walk face first into the window) and the next day she did a bit of drawing for the first time. 
Made the most of some downtime this week to make a bracelet . . .
Haydee decided she was going to be "helpful" this weekend- She helped Nannie sweep outside and she got involved with hanging the washing out to dry ~(Yes those are my knickers that have become a scarf)
I made some iced biscuits in pretty pastels shades and filled a floral mug for a friend birthday present. I had some dough left over so I also made some quick and easy Millionaire's biscuits (below) - yummy
I entered a cake competition at a local fun day and came 2nd! I also won some cat food in a tombola- useful . . .
These are a future project: I found this old wooden toy in a charity shop for a few quid. They're a bit worse for wear, the paint work is really chipped and worn so I'm going to sand them down and repaint them.
. . . And here is some of the stuff that I loved on the internet this week:

I'm going to dig out my old tea towels and make this . . .

Check out this amazing Ikea Hack

These Birthday Jello Shots look so yummy

Forget boring plastic lunchboxes, I want one of these mealtimes on the go

A cute DIY Garland to brighten up your day

These are definitely the best kids' Stitchables I've seen

These Outdoor Games Ideas have made me really want a garden party . . .

I still haven't got around to learning how to make French Macarons but this Tutorial makes it look pretty easy

Possibly the coolest Stamps ever

If ever there was an excuse to find a pen-pal, it's how pretty you can make your Envelopes

This is so adorable . . .

This Clutch Tutorial is so simple but the result is really beautiful

I'm very excited about this App

Photoplay Activity Books look like a great way to exercise a child imagination. You can download and print some free pages here

This Dessert would be perfect for an outdoor dinner party, you could leave the table and sit around your fire-pit to eat it . . . if you had a fire-pit...I want a fire-pit!

Have a nice week

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