Sunday, June 29

This week: It's all about the Photo-taking!

This week, I  viewed my new home for the first time, said goodbye to baby group as it has now finished (for good) and had a very rare night 'on the town' for a friend's birthday! I have also been trying out some different photo apps to see what works for me. The following pictures are a selection that I have experimented with using apps like Tadaa, VSCOcam and Instagram . . .

And out there on the Web this week . . .

These Coconut Bars look yummy

These are very cool - I especially love the Sloth . . . I have a little bit of a sloth obsession at the moment, I can't get enough of these cute videos (and Hayden loves the sound that they make)

This is the prettiest Cake

Kiwi Corner is an amazing free app, from the guys behind Kiwi Crate, that all Moms should get- especially before the 6 week Summer holidays

You can't get a more summery dessert than Eton Mess and this Meringue version looks delicious

Donut-shaped Mini Ice Cream Cakes. Say no more

The Photo a Day July list by Fat Mum Slim is out, as is FMS' new app Little Moments

Looking for a refreshing drink to serve at your BBQ? Try this

Hayd doesn't need any encouragement to shovel her food down at the moment but when she gets to that inevitable 'fussy eating phase', this would be awesome!

This is definitely on my wishlist right now - My 'pretend you have money' wishlist

I have to make one of these for my new place

Everyone should have some homemade sorbet at least once this Summer (because it's refreshing and yummy). Why not try Strawberry or Blueberry?

I haven't seen Frozen yet but a lot of my friends have and love it just as much as their kids so this New Yorker Article is worth a read

Hope you had a lovely weekend- This week I plan to finish June's Challenge and set July's, make some Popsicles and start planning what I need for my new home as I get the keys in 2 weeks! Plus, after much hunting in every newsagents in town, I finally found the Mollie Makes Blogging special so I shall be powering through that . . .
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