Sunday, June 15

This Week: Park Trips, Police Hats & Imperfect Piping

The Sun made some very welcome (and on-off) appearances this week so we made sure to spend those nice weather days outside- in the garden, going to the park, we even had an impromptu picnic on Friday. Said picnic was on the way to a 'thing' that my best friend and I go to at the Children's Centre where the kids are looked after and us Moms focus on us for an hour or so (This week ended in some spontaneous dressing up). I also had some good news in the form of a viewing date for my new home, exciting stuff.
Plus, as today was Father's Day, I made my lovely Dad a Biscuit Remote Control. It was my first attempt at icing a biscuit, in fact it was my first time making Royal Icing, so it's a little . . . 'Rustic'. My border's wonky, my numbers look like I 'drunk-piped' and I squiggled instead of doing the small writing. It basically looks like a child has done it, which is fine because I guess to my Dad I am still his little girl. Points for trying anyway
And as for the online world this week - Here's some things that are definitely worth a look. . .

Last Friday was National Donut Day in the US (Supposedly, here in the UK, we have a whole week in May dedicated to the yummy treats but that apparently went well over my head . . .) so there were lots of delicious donut themed ideas floating about. It might be a little late but why not try these Donut Marshmallows, Donut Macarons or get some more 'donut-ty' suggestions here

This Highchair is so multi-functional and looks so stylish

Make the most of the Summer evenings by entertaining outside- Here's some great Ideas for how to do it properly

I'm trying to be good food-wise at the moment but any of these Puddings are more than enough to tempt me. I love the look of this Salted Caramel Mousse too

Here are some great Kid's Craft Activities for the Summer hols which I shall definitely be keeping note of, for when Hayden is a little older

Coca Cola has come up with this to encourage people to reuse their bottles - Nice idea but it does involve manufacturing more stuff just to use existing stuff . . .

Cheesy Sage Madeleines - I'm all in!

Dress up your Summer drinks with these Umbrella Stirrer Printables

I love a good milkshake so I'm dying to try this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Milkshake. If you fancy something a little smaller, why not whip up these Espresso Milkshake Shots - Perfect for a party!

I bought the first issue of this so I'm thrilled that there's now a second

There's been a lot of sweet treats I'm eyeing up this week so I was happy to find these delicious Summer Salads

Hope you had a lovely weekend x

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