Tuesday, July 1

June's Challenge - Notebooks + Cushions = . . .

When I set myself June's Challenge, I had absolutely no idea where to start. Making a Cushion inspired by the prompt picture (a set of D.I.Y notebooks) was a tricky one but in the end I decided to make a set of them for Hayden's Room in our new home. I chose some leaf print Fabric (to mirror the pattern on the notebooks) for the one side and on the other, embroidered a word in script to give the 'written' element.
The scheme for her room is based on the Wall Art I made in April, so I used some fabrics from the same range as I used then - Eventually, I am planning a patchwork blanket with the scraps from all of those fabrics as I have the whole collection (Fabric 'Layer cakes' are awesome).
The Back View  ^
The room is also going to have a animal theme - but in a subtle way. No huge cartoon lion pictures or jungle prints, just little details like the animal silhouettes on the wall art. So I used animal sounds as my words . . .
 They are mini cushions but I plan to put them with some larger ones when I make her a little reading nook
Unfortunately my Mom didn't get to complete her challenge this month due to the fact she's sunning herself on a beach somewhere, however she promises me that she will redeem herself next month! Speaking of next months, I shall be drawing that Challenge tomorrow . . .
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