Sunday, August 10

A Little Catch Up...

It feels like I've been away from my keyboard for months. The last few weeks have been crazy with moving into my new home and painting furniture, putting up curtains and generally making it habitable. There are loads of things I want to share but I shall get round to that in the next few weeks - I don't have any phone line/internet connection set up yet so I am having to beg, steal and borrow what I can . . .
Until then, here are some sneak peaks from 'Project Home'
First of all- the 'before' shots. It's newly built so everything was a blank canvas!
 And then it was on with the making . . .
 I wanted my home to be a collection of things I love, I didn't want to have to stress about if things 'go' so it's all colourful, mismatched and fun (Hayden's room is a bit coordinated but still fun). I also had (& still have) a pretty low budget so I had to rework what I had and practically live at the Tip shop. I love the Tip shop! I got a cabinet for £2- that's crazy, right?
There's still lots I want to do so I shall be doing some more posts on Project Home- Before/After furniture, Sewing tutorials and stuff- when I can. Plus, I'm trying to keep up with my Monthly Challenge, my friends and I are doing our own Come Dine With Me and Christmas is closer than we kid ourselves! Busy Busy!

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