Sunday, August 10

July Ends, August Begins

My Monthly Craft Challenge for July got kind of lost in the craziness, I did complete it but it was a bit of  disaster (and not one I want to share) so if I ever find a spare second, I will redo it. My Mom's on the other hand was awesome, imaginative and yummy!
To remind you, she had to make a Cake with this prompt picture for inspiration:
So she took little parts from the image that you might not have noticed straight away like the sweets that are hanging about and the pink gingham pattern (sort of) and made this delicious Strawberry Marble Cake with pink frosting and retro sweets (And she gave it to me for a housewarming present!)
It was definitely for those of us with a sweet tooth so if you fancy a sugar rush . . .
Strawberry Marble Cake:
170g butter
170g sugar
170g self raising flour
2 eggs
1 tablespoon of milk
3 tablespoons of pureed strawberries (blended and sieved)
2 drops vanilla essence
450g tub of vanilla frosting (Obviously you can make your own but in the essence of time, my Mom had to 'cheat')
1-2 tablespoon of Strawberry Jam
Pink food colouring
Sweets for decoration (She used Jazzies, Candy Letters and Dolly Mixture)

Cream butter and sugar and mix in eggs. Sieve and fold in the flour.
Separate mixture equally into two bowls. Into one half, add the milk and vanilla and spoon the strawberry puree into the other half. Mix both thoroughly.
Spoon layers into a loaf tin (alternating between vanilla mix and strawberry mix) and swirl gently.
Bake at 170C for 30-35 minutes then allow to cool.
When the cake is cool, slice in half horizontally and fill with a layer of jam and a layer of vanilla frosting.
Halve the remaining frosting and colour one lot pink. Pipe a white and pink 'gingham' pattern on the top. Blend the rest of the frosting and spread onto the sides of the cake.
Decorate with chosen sweets. Alternatively, you could decorate with fresh strawberries or just decorate with frosting whilst piping.

As for August's Challenge, this is the prompt:
This month's page of the Craftseller Calendar that will serve as inspiration for August's challenge!
I have to make something using Felt whilst my Mom has to turn her hand to a cushion. We'll see . . .
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