Sunday, September 14

August's Challenge: Dreamcatcher

I never thought I was that reliant on technology but life without wi-fi is starting to grate. I have been making so many different things and not having a chance to write about and share them is rather frustrating! Still, I am being cautious and waiting to see how necessary bills play out before I get myself stuck in a broadband contract . . . so blogging will continue to be sporadic until the new year, I apologise in advance.
On with business of the day- My Monthly Craft Challenge . . . and August's challenge, a little overdue I know. So to remind you, I had 'Felt' as my task and this was the prompt picture . . .
August's Page of the Craftseller 2014 Calender
Originally, when I decided to make a dreamcatcher, I intended to go quite traditional with the string pattern inside the hoop, maybe  few strategically placed beads. However after hours of 'faffing about' with different string and wool, etc, the whole thing was kind of an epic failure and I was forced to have  rethink. I hadn't cross-stitched in a while so I figured why not?!
I've definitely become a little addicted to Cross-stitch, it's really therapeutic! Friends and family should expect some in their stockings this Christmas 
Felt and Feathers, the two starting points for the challenge. These were so easy to make - I used felt that was quite thick and stiff so it held it's shape
The Dreamcatcher was the perfect thing to fit in that annoyingly awkward space that I'd manage to create on my  picture wall
It's a really simple cross-stitch pattern (I initially planned it on my phone note app) but in the spirit of sharing, here's the pattern to make and do . . .

September's challenge is a good one. I have to do some 'Baking' - It's been a while and I don't actually have a proper oven so we'll see how that works out - and my Mom has to create a 'Photography collection' (whilst trying to finish August's Challenge, she's worse than me!). Here's the prompt pic: Some lovely felt apples . . .
'How d'ya like them apples?!' - Sorry, had to be done
I can't believe it's September already - Happy Autumn!
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