Thursday, September 25

Upcycling Furniture: Part 1

Moving into my new home has been a huge challenge. All my friends have been a bit envious of the fact I've got a brand spanking newly built place and I was so excited to have a blank canvas . . . but actually blank canvases are kind of intimidating ! So I'm doing a little at a time but have had to put it on the back burner when I realised that (Look away if you want to stay in blissful denial) Christmas is only 13 weeks away - gulp. I've got presents to make, decorations to whip up and not a lot of pennies to spare so Project Home has moved a little down the priority list.
However I'd love to show little of what I've done so far, mostly with the furniture. I'm no expert at Upcycling so I'm not going to do a tutorial as such, I'm just going to share what I did, the paints I used, etc . . .

My Living Room Dresser
My home has neutral walls that I'm not allowed to change (until the building has had time to age) and I love colour so I wanted some statement furniture. I got this dresser as part of my 'we-can't-wait-until-you-move-out' birthday present from my parents, way back in March, from local vintage store (Blighty Bazaar) and decided to go bold with the colour !
It was this dark brown (excuse the leafy reflection) before I got my hands on it, with a two cupboards . . . After I attacked some of the cupboard doors and gave it a very long-winded paint job, this is what it looked like. . .
*There is a shelf in the bottom section but being the frazzled human being that I  am, I forgot to put it in before I took photos...*
Before I took paint anywhere near it, I removed the bottom cupboard doors (they might show up again at a later date) and filled in the holes that it left behind with wood filler. I then removed the doorknobs and prepped the wood by sanding the whole thing thoroughly. I painted the first coat with Authentico chalk paint in 'Antique Turquoise' then gave it single coat over the top with Habitat paint in 'Kingfisher'. (I love Habitat paints, they are really easy to work with and have some amazingly vibrant colours !
Once the paint was completely dried, I attacked the dresser with sandpaper, a screwdriver, anything that was handy. . . until it had the desired 'battered' effect. A dark wood stain was wiped on for a minute, then wiped off. (I'd never used wood stain before so I was experimenting. I found an amazing use of the stuff here
Once dried I covered the whole thing with Authentico clear furniture wax using a rag and buffed it, then screwed the knobs back on.

Hayden's Wardrobe
Hayd's bedroom is all based around the fabric I used for her Wall Art back in April, so black and white with some wonderfully bright colour accents. I decided she should inherit my Argos flat-packed wardrobe that I've had for more than a decade but it didn't quite fit the colour scheme so I had to improvise.
And now it looks like this . . .
 To prepare, I took the doors off, took the drawers apart and sanded the whole thing down. I painted the sections with two coats of Habitat paint in 'Kingfisher' (as above), 'Hibiscus' and 'Leaf' then when it had dried for 24 hours, I used a delicate masking tape to mask the edges before I painted all the outside with a white primer.  I used two coats of a white paint over the top and let everything dry.
In the meantime, I painted the drawer fronts white and used black gloss on the drawer knobs. I HATE gloss paint- It's a long story that involves my hands and a tub of butter. . .don't ask!
The whole thing was covered with Authentico clear wax.

Shelf Unit for my Bedroom
Unlike the rest of my place which is all about bold colours, I want my bedroom to be a peaceful boudoir, with light colours and vintage florals. I found this small shelf unit at a flea market and after it's 'makeover' it's been acting as an unusual bedside table.
I fancied trying my hand at a bit of 'Shabby Chic' (as much as I hate the term) and I think that it worked out okay
The shelves were sanded and stained a bit darker then painted with primer and one coat or white paint. I then used sandpaper to distress it, especially the edges and corners. I then waxed it all.
More to come soon. . .

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