Sunday, October 26

A Camera Full of Fruit . . .

Getting 'Baking' for the September Challenge when the prompt picture featured apples was a fairly straightforward leap (See the result here) but my Mom ended up with 'Photography' for her challenge. Which is probably why - nearly a month later - her memory card is monopolised by images of apples and various other fresh produce.
She took a collection of pictures like these: . . .
Once she had a selection she was happy with, she printed and put them together in this nifty collage which will be collected from the printers later today and hung up in her kitchen.

I hope she doesn't think that when I get 'Photography' I will be paying for prints - It's supposed to be the cheap challenge on the list
No sign of her August Challenge yet though . . .

(To see all the Challenges - Go here)

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