Sunday, October 5

September's Challenge: Apples

Baking (or life in general) is not as easy with a mini oven. Granted it is better than with no oven but it makes things hugely problematic, especially when cake tins and cupcake trays don't fit in to it. So when I got 'Baking' for last month's Challenge* (Read it at the end of Aug's Challenge here), I was mildly massively concerned!
But instead of panicking, I dug around the back of my cupboard and found some small silicone muffin trays, which hold six and sit quite snugly . . . Problem solved. And as the prompt featured apples, I discovered a delicious recipe for Apple Crumble Mini Muffins.
I also made a Custard-Cream Frosting but it turned out a little loose so I just served it with the muffins instead of piping it on the top.
You can find the recipe for these Muffins on How To:Simplify
For the Custard-Cream Frosting**
57g cream cheese
25g white sugar
96g double cream
1/2 tablespoon of icing sugar
2-3 drops of custard flavouring

Mix the cream cheese and the sugar until light and creamy, then add the cream and whisk until thing and stiff. (Whilst you are whisking, add the icing sugar and flavouring into the mixture)
Spoon into an airtight tub and refridgerate- preferably overnight.

** This is a variation on the Whipped Cream Frosting I made for my Hot Chocolate Cupcakes, my Banoffee Cupcakes and for some sweet canapes at my Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

My Mom's September Challenge (Photography) is also complete, I just need to uploads the pics so stay tuned for that!

As for October's Challenge, the draw has been made . . . I have 'Nursery' (which when we set up the tickets was altered to just 'Something for Hayden') and my Mom has 'Cupcakes'. Unfortunately I can't show the October picture because it seems to have got lost in the photo whirlwind that is my hard drive so I will have to dig out the calendar and retake it.  From what I can recall, there's some extreme Autumn-ness going on- i.e Orange and leafy. . .

*If you're not sure what the Monthly Challenges are all about, go here!
To see all of them, go here!


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