Sunday, October 26

There's No Party Like a Frozen Party!

My best friend's little girl turned 6 last week (Cue lots of 'Where has all the time gone?' speeches) and we all went to some secluded lodges in Devon. It was very pretty and we had some sunny beach trips that were rather surprising considering it's October!
In addition to this exciting weekend away, my friend also threw her a last minute Frozen Party before we left. *Unless you've been hibernating for a good year or so, you'll have heard about Frozen but you my not have actually seen it-especially if you lead a kid-free life. My advice- rent it. It's surprisingly good great
Of course, themed party, I wanted in on that action. I painted a nose-less Olaf the snowman for some 'Pin the Carrot on the Olaf' fun (Seen here with some quick and easy cotton wool garlands that my friend whipped up) and I baked an excessive amount of Snowflake Biscuits. We  also decorated some cupcakes between us but they got whisked away before a photo opportunity presented itself
I'm told the Birthday girl and her friends had a great time - She does love Frozen . . .Which is good because I do love a good theme for present giving. I made her an Olaf Card (I'm really milking the fact I can sort of draw this one character) and spent the last month or so sewing this Frozen Cross-stitch.
 I'm pretty proud of the Cross-stitch to be honest. It's the first time I've ever copied a pattern and I found it quite a slow process having to count the squares constantly. Still it turned out better than I expected so I can't complain
If you're planning a Frozen party, Pinterest has some amazing ideas- especially if you're on a budget or don't have much time. There's ideas for activities, food,  favours and the whole party package! Plus tons of free printables should you want them. (Have a little look here)

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