Sunday, November 9

Autumn Embellished Cardigan (October's Challenge)

First of all, can I just say? . . . I can't believe it's November already, that's crazy. Christmas baking starts today!
Okay, now I've got that off my chest, time to show you what came of October's Craft Challenge - I had to make something for Hayden related to Autumn leaves. . .
I decided to make her something to wear but being in the midst of Christmas prep (and having 'sewing machine fear' - that is definitely a real thing) I didn't really have the time to make something from scratch. So instead I decide to Customise a cardigan I had bought for her.
It's really quick and easy to do so here's a quick How-to
You'll need: A cardigan in a suitable colour (I love this golden yellow one from H&M); some Felt in Autumn colours like red, brown, orange (I also had a bit of green to mix it up a little); and thread to match your cardie
First, cut some leaves out of your felt - I drew a template freehand but if you would rather use an existing one then you can find some cute ones on A Beautiful Mess
Position your leaves on the breast part of the cardigan and arrange to your liking. Idecided to just put them on the one side because I thought both would be a little 'fussy'
Backstitch the leaves on quite firmly, creating a vein design. Try not to leave long lengths of thread exposed on the back of your sewing -thread it under the surface of the cardigan- little fingers like to pick. . .
And voila! An easy peasy Autumn update for a plain cardigan- Honestly, anyone could have a go. I'm definitely making her a Spring flower one come March

We headed to a nearby woods to do a 'photo shoot', which was not without it's problems. Haydee wasn't the most cooperative model what with trying to eat pinecones and doing her best dog impression- complete with stick in mouth. Here are some photos of her 'modelling' the cardigan (or rather of her prancing about in a wet woodland whilst I frantically tried to protect the cardigan from increasingly dirty fingers) . . .

We managed a smile in the end . . .
November's Challenge is decided too. This month I have to bake cupcakes (as if I need encouragement this time of year) and Mom has to make 'Homeware', both of us using this picture
Okay then . . .

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