Sunday, December 7

Christmas Decorations - Part Two

After calmly and casually making the first lot of Christmas Decorations, I realised that I should probably get my ass in gear. So I got busy and made (and bought) some more colourful bits and bobs .
This wall looks a bit more symmetrical now - I do love some symmetry once in a while
I made some no-sew chain garlands using scraps of Felt, left over from the Christmas tree garlands. All you need is felt, some scissors and a glue stick 
The Tree. In fact my first ever tree of my own. It's got some mini colourful baubles and some wooden house ornaments (that I sprayed gold and added colourful ribbon hangers to) both from Sainsbury's and some big, bold wooden stars from Paperchase. I also got some fill-able plastic baubles and filled them with punched paper snowflakes, gold glitter and gold star sprinkles (Yes cake sprinkles. To be honest they don't taste particular good so I'd rather hang them on my tree than shower my Christmas bakes with them)

 Now I feel festive . . .

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