Sunday, December 14

Easy DIY Christmas Wrapping

These days, I'm not fan of cheap patterned wrapping paper, especially at Christmas. Unfortunately for me, I can't really afford high quality designed papers with beautiful patterns to rival luxury wallpapers. So for the last few years, since my weird fad began, I've stuck to plain coloured wrap or parcel paper and dressed gifts up with pretty fabric ribbons and homemade embellishments. However this year my budget doesn't really cover ribbon and making embellishments for every gift would take up precious gift making time so I decided to do something simple and easy, that required limited supplies.
I went for a colour scheme that compliment my Decorations this year, and using some sharpies, a little paint, a paintbrush and some sponge 'brushes' and some plain card for the tags, I made some wrap and now I wish the gifts were staying under my tree
I cut the required pieces before I got to work as I was a little lacking in space to roll out a whole roll and this seemed a lot easier. Here are some of the different methods I used . . .

Song Lyrics
I used a black sharpie to write a line of a Christmas song repeatedly all over the sheet. The white paper pictured above reads 'Little donkey, little donkey, on a dusty road' and I made another with parcel paper that has 'Santa Claus is coming to town' on it

I used a sponge brush to stamp black and gold paint spots on parcel paper leaving a simply but slightly glitzy look.

I saw this somewhere on Pinterest and thought it looked amazing so I decided to do my own version, painting black crosses on a bright white wrap. Minimal and chic.
I went for a splash of colour with some hot pink paper that I decorated with gold sharpie stars. I tried to keep a scrawled hand drawn look to them, not so uniform
Zig Zags
On lime green paper, I roughly painted zig zags across the sheet and then added some gold ones between the black. (You can see this one a little in the bove picture

I made the labels in both gold and black paint. The black were made using a potato cut into my chosen shape to stamp the paint onto white card, whilst the gold ones were cut from card painted with paint in a rough stippled effect. The labels were written using a mix of gold pens, black pens and-surprisingly- tippex.

Extra Decorations
Some of the larger presents had some cheap gold wrapping ribbon round them and were adorned with some of the mini baubles that went on my Tree

And here's what the presents looked like wrapped . . .

(If you want more ideas for DIY gift tags have a look at some of the one I did for my Advent Gift Tag Challenge last year)

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