Sunday, December 7

November Challenge - Candle Storage Jar

For my Mom's challenge last month, she had to create a piece of Homeware relating to picture of a crochet candle holder. It would have been all too easy for her to make her own candle holder, so instead she made something that probably shouldn't be anywhere near a naked flame!
The storage jar is a used jar of Biscoff (I get through too much of the stuff) covered with chain-stitched thick 'paper yarn' in these glorious colours. She wrapped the lid with a chain-stitched turquoise wool, gluing it on as she went along.
Finally, she screwed an old drawer knob onto the lid and used some gardening wire to make a flame shape. That was then wrapped with orange wool.
And as the colours are perfect for my living room, it has been gifted to me. Lovely. Now I've just got to decide what I will store in it . . .

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