Wednesday, January 21

3d Animal Art

Now that Christmas is a distant memory, it's given me a chance to start focusing on making things for the house and to have fun doing it. First up was this pair of animal features to go up in Hayden's room.
There's been an ongoing trend for using toy animals on craft projects for quite while now - jars, bookends, jewelry ... So I thought I'd get in on that action and make use of some box frames that I found at my local Tip Shop.
They were really easy to make, using Spray paint would have probably been even easier but I just used up the paint I already had from doing Hayden's wardrobe...
Here's how to make them

You'll need:
2 box frames/mini shelves
Plastic animals
Black paint
White paint
3 different coloured paints
Masking Tape
Hot Glue Gun
(All the paint used is Habitat paint that is suitable for most surfaces)
First of all, scrap the front frame and glass part of the box frames (They will come in useful for a future project) so you're left with some mini shelves. Sand the wood thoroughly and wipe it down so they're dust free.
Mask the edges between the front and the inside of the shelves as carefully as you can, then paint the front and exterior sides with black paint. When this is dry give it a second coat.
When the black paint is completely dry, paint the inside of the shelves white. (The pink background on mine was hard to cover so I had to give this three coats of white, you might only need two). When the white paint is dry, remove the masking tape.
Use a small paintbrush to paint the animals with two or three coats their chosen colour pint, making sure you get into all the gaps and taking care to leave a smooth surface, without excess paint 'blobs'!
When both the animals and the shelves are ready, heat up your glue gun. Dab some glue on the animals' feet and stick them down on each shelf.
I'm going to have them hanging on one of Hayden's walls with something in between, but until then they are temporarily filling up the blank wall in my Living Room!

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