Tuesday, January 27

DIY Blackboard Notice Board

I wanted a blackboard for my kitchen but instead of buying one, I decided to make one. I still had the cupboard doors I removed from my Turquoise Dresser so I decided to use one of those, along with the blackboard paint at the back of my craft stash...
I love how it turned out - The chalk pen is attached so I can't lose it (I'm pretty good at losing things) and there's some pretty pushpins to hold all my bits and pieces. Plus it was really quick and easy to make - bonus!
If you've got leftover cupboard door lying round, or you come across one at your local Tip Shop, here's how you can make this...
You'll need:
Wood filler
Coloured Paint (that's suitable for furniture painting)
Blackboard Paint
Coordinating (and pretty) Pushpins
Chalk Pen
Glue Gun

Firstly, take any metalwork on the cupboard door off, then sand the whole thing down
Fill in any holes left by the metalwork with wood filler and leave to dry as instructed on the packaging. Once it is completely dry, sand over it to leave a smooth surface
Wipe down the door to remove all the dust and grease
Paint the centre panel with blackboard paint- Give it two coats brushing horizontally, then two coats vertically
Once the blackboard paint has dried completely, cover it (with card or paper) to keep it protected
Paint the frame with the coloured paint, it will probably need at least 2 coats
When the paint is dry, coat the frame with the wax (following the directions on the tin)
Put pins along the bottom and right side of the frame, leaving even spaces between them
Cut a square of both components in some hook & loop and glue one to the frame of the blackboard, one to the chalk pen
Hang it up on your wall with tacks or hook, write messages and use the pins to hold cards & notes that you want to display...

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