Friday, January 23

Easy No-Sew Geometric Garland

I'm loving all the geometric garland that are popping up all over the shop, they're good for all occasions or just to add some colour to a 'sad' wall, so I definitely wanted one to hang across my Living Room...However when I looked at some of the tutorials out there, they all seemed to be using sewing machines to quickly string the shapes together and as my sewing machine is out of action (read: banished to the cupboard after smoking out the house) I needed to find an alternate way to make one
When I made the Gold Star Garland for Christmas, I used a needle & thread but it was fiddly, long-winded and to be honest, a bit of a fluke that I managed it without getting in a terrible tangle. I wanted this garland to be quick and easy, and it was. In fact it was so quick and easy, I will be whipping them up in various colour schemes whenever I have an excuse.
This one is in my favorite selection of bright colours and is now 'waterfalling' (if that's not a word, it should be) from one of my shelves
I feel a bit silly even telling you how to make it because it is that simple, but hey ho...
All you need some coloured card, some embroidery thread (thin cotton thread would tangle way too easy!), Pritt Stick or similar and if you want to make it even easier: some some craft punchers in your chosen shape.
Punch out the shapes out of the card- you'll need twice as many cut-outs as it takes to fill your length of thread
Simply glue two shapes together with the thread running between.
I chose to have different colours for each side to make it little more colourful, but thats just me.
Like I said, so very simple...

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