Saturday, January 24

This Week's Blog Finds

Last year I wrote quite a few regular posts about things I'd seen online that I liked or felt inspired by but after I moved house, I couldn't really find the time (or internet connection). I was in two minds about whether to start it again - now I'm all wi-fi ready - because I know that it's quite a common thing on a lot of sites, I see it often in the blogs that I admire. But they say -whoever 'they' are- that you should write about what you love and I love taking the time to look at what other people are writing, making, baking, etc and appreciating the talent that's out there. So there you go.
Here's some of the amazing stuff I've seen this week...
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This DIY Watercolor Tableware would add a unique and beautiful touch to a dinner party

I'm dying to try this Jaffa Layer Cake, anything Chocolate-Orange gets my vote

Coral & Stone Jewelry know how to do statement necklaces- Go visit the shop here 

These Shrinky Dink Animal Magnets are so cute, they'd make amazing party favours or stocking fillers

Why have regular clothes hangers when you can have DIY Yarn Wrapped Hangers?

The Burlap Bag (Austin Texas) sells soy candles with the coolest names - 'Unicorn Puke', 'Crazy Cat Lady', 'Nerd Alert'... I'm massively curious as to what the 'Queen of Farts' candle smells like!

I love the result of this Unicorn Makeover

The gorgeous colours in this DIY Watercolor Scarf will definitely cheer up any winter wardrobe
[Sources: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8]

Have a little look at these 7 Vinyl DIYs - I love the sassy Travel Mugs and labelled Bar Bottles

I'm colour obsessed, especially now I'm styling my home, so I obviously think that this DIY Stenciled Pencil Holder is super cool... Yes I said 'super cool' - and what?!

This Cookies 'n' Cream Chocolate No-Bake Tart has got to be the ultimate treat...

I've been wanting to experiment with leather and this DIY Statement Necklace seems like an ideal project to start with

This DIY God's Eye tutorial has got my attention-  I've never heard of a God's Eye before but I'd love to have a go at making these beautiful ones. 

This DIY Dip Dyed Stationary is simple but stunning

I'm loving Alana Jones Mann's Monday Motivation series where she post a beautiful selection of photographs in a chosen colour. (See the latest here)

Tory Birch's Marrakech Express Pinterest board make me want to visit Morocco!

Have a great weekend! x

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