Saturday, January 31

This Week's Blog Finds

This week has been pretty good: A few meet ups with friends, lots of puddle jumps with Hayden thanks to rainy weather and I finally got a proper, full sized oven. I also signed up for A Beautiful Mess' new class 'Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks', I'll share some more about that once I've got started!
Meanwhile on the big bad web there's been lots of lovely stuff going on (many of it in preparation for Valentine's Day but we'll save that for later...) so here's some things that made me say 'wowza' my head...not out loud...that would be embarrassing...
[Sources: (Top:) 1; 2; 3 (Middle:) 4; 5; 6 (Bottom:) 7; 8; 9
This recipe for Salted Dulce de Leche is so simple to make and would add something special to so many treats...

I love these DIY Wooden Ring Planters! The tutorial is in German, but you can still be all over that with a free translation site

These DIY Floral Hearts are so pretty,  I couldn't just make them for Valentine's Day!

I love flowers so this DIY Pressed Flower iPhone Case is definitely on my to-do list

These are probably the prettiest Macarons I've ever seen!

These House Bookends are on my shopping list from an amazing shop in my town - Berylune (If you're not local, they sell online too!)

I'm desperate to try these Coconut and Toffee Bars , they look so gooey!

This Fabric Scraps Garland is super simple but really effective, especially in these rainbow colours

This DIY Desk Calendar is effortlessly chic and doesn't look too difficult to pull off- Now I just need to find a desk...


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